Beaches on the island of Ischia

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Moving around freely on the island of Ischia means making the most of the emotions and beautiful places this island has to offer. Ischia’s beaches undoubtedly represent attractions and experiences to be enjoyed on an individual basis.
There are obviously many of them, all waiting to be discovered.
Starting our tour in the area of Ischia’s harbour, the first stop must certainly be Lido beach, in the immediate vicinity of Corso Vittoria Colonna, the island’s most glamorous meeting place. The shore at Lungomare Colombo offers a real expression of the holiday atmosphere that pervades Ischia with its well-equipped facilities and excellent restaurants with terraced lidos descending down to the sea.
We continue towards the village of Ischia Ponte. The route skirts the Mandra lido, which is also very well-equipped and includes some typical beach views with local fishermen. Arriving in the village of Ischia Ponte, we have the opportunity to take a taxi boat to the wonderful Cartaromana beach: a corner of paradise overlooking the spectacular Aragonese Castle.
Getting back on our scooter, we now head for the municipality of Barano, home to Maronti bay, the biggest on the island and popular with tourists and locals alike. From here, once again thanks to an excellent taxi boat service, we can travel to the village of Sant’Angelo where we find the Chiaia di Rose beach, a small but very well-equipped beach where we can experience the most chic place on the island in total comfort. Our day of discovering the beaches continues in the municipality of Forio, home to some very unusual places.
The first is certainly Citara bay, dominated by luxuriant subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation and the presence of Poseidon Thermal Gardens (the largest on the island), making a visit to this part of the coast truly unmissable. What is more, just a few hundred metres away we have the chance to visit the youngest beach on the island.
When we say young, we don’t mean in geological terms, but are instead referring to the age of its most frequent visitors. In fact, Cava dell’Isola beach is the official meeting place for the younger generations who visit the island. Also in the municipality of Forio is the most beautiful place on the whole island: Sorgeto bay.
This natural bay has two special features: the first is its breathtaking view created by the sheer limestone cliff that surrounds the bay formed by natural basins of black, shiny stone. The second lies in the fact that the boiling thermal waters from the island’s subsoil emerge here, making this place the largest free open-air spa.
Day or night, summer or winter, a swim in the waters of Sorgeto bay will remain a unique and truly unforgettable experience.