Magical nights on Ischia

4 by night

Being able to travel quickly and comfortably from one place to another on the island is indispensable in order to enjoy all the amusements Ischia has to offer after dark. There are obviously numerous restaurants where you can spend the evening eating and enjoying the island’s typical local cuisine. Choose between countless different options, from the seafront in Forio with its numerous pubs, taverns and restaurants, to the village of Ischia Ponte, where you can dine with a view of the castle.

There are also plenty of bars where you can spend an enjoyable evening sipping delicious cocktails and listening to good music. The seafront in Forio is particularly popular with young people, but there are also plenty of venues for a more mature, discerning clientele.

While on the island you simply must spend an evening on the Riva Destra (right-hand side) of Ischia’s harbour, with its bustling seafront promenade packed with cocktail bars and taverns, at the heart of Ischia’s nightlife.

There are also various nightclubs, including the historic Valentino on Corso Vittoria Colonna in the municipality of Ischia, which is perhaps the most interesting venue on the island, also home to Lounge Ecstasy with live music in the wonderful Piazzetta dei Pini. The Corso is also home to the more modern Alchimie, a cocktail disco-bar where you can enjoy sophisticated cocktails prepared by the island’s most talented bar tenders.

Meanwhile, the seafront in Casamicciola is home to Blanco, an exclusive terrace on the sea where you can dance the night away, catching the first light of day in a truly glamorous atmosphere.

Lastly, we have the village of Sant’Angelo, the most chic location on the island, popular with the many celebrities who love Ischia and with a very discerning clientele able to appreciate the charm of this unique venue.