Wellbeing on Ischia

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Revel in treatments by expert hands and pamper yourself with the wellbeing that only the island of Ischia can offer. The island’s volcanic origins make it one of Europe’s most famous and well equipped spa resorts.
Ischia is home to numerous ultramodern centres devoted to researching and developing processes and treatments involving thermal waters. The island’s alkaline waters contain iodine, chlorine, sulphur, iron and numerous active substances, making them suitable for the treatment of all sorts of disorders. In history, the Greeks were the first to discover the potential of Ischia’s thermal waters, but it was not until Roman times that the island’s thermal springs gained widespread popularity and importance. We can start a tour of the island’s thermal sites at the Ninfe Nitrodi spring: the oldest spa in the world. In fact, it was right here in 1700 that a very important series of votive reliefs from the Roman period were discovered, bearing witness to the existence of a spa and a temple devoted to various gods. A natural follow-on from the Nitrodi spring is the Olmitello spring, situated behind Maronti bay. The bay is also home to the Cavascura spa, another of the island’s ancient springs.
Each spring is unique and therefore offers distinctive therapeutic and curative properties.
A separate itinerary can be devoted to the thermal gardens that make the island a popular destination for those wanting a holiday full of wellbeing and relaxation. The municipality of Forio, overlooking Citara bay, is home to Poseidon Thermal Gardens with twenty-two thermal and seawater pools and a complete range of beauty treatments. An oasis of tranquillity in an ecologically unspoilt setting awaits you for a perfect combination of spa treatments and seaside fun.
The municipality of Lacco Ameno is home to Negombo thermal park, set in the beautiful bay of San Montano. This wonderful resort, which climbs from the bay to the highest walls of the promontory overlooking it, features some unique natural architecture and thermal treatments. Last but not least are the Castiglione thermal park, midway along the coast between Ischia and Casamicciola. Perching on the strip of coast looking towards Naples, Castiglione welcomes visitors with its special funicular railway leading up to the park, where once again you will find wonderfully equipped facilities for hydro and thermal treatments.