Excursions on the island of Ischia: the most beautiful ones!

The wonderful island of Ischia is of vulcanic origin and is located a few miles offshore in the Gulf of Naples. Among the things that make it so special, are the splendid thermal structures, the crystal clear sea and many other. So here is what you can visit and what you can do, once you have arrived in this "oasis", in order to live an unforgettable vacation!

Land excursions on the island of Ischia

In the past years, the number of the lovers of trekking on the island of Ischia has definitely increased. The hotels have started to adapt to the demands of this kind of activity, relying on expert guides like the firends of "Ischia Savage", one of the most famous organizations in terms of excursions on the island.

Indeed, there is an infinity of things to do and to see, starting with the must-have hike on the Epomeo Mountain. Towering and imposing, the mountain seems a tutelary spirit and offers a marvelous and unique view on the Gulf of Naples from its peak. In order to enjoy this spectacle, many scramble up the steep pathways on the mountain side, through the chestnut forests, all the way to an ancient shelter, carved into the stone.

Besides the undeniable environmental value, this forest holds numerous evidence of primitive architecture, like the "Fosse della Neve" (Snow holes), which are known to preserve the accumulated snow during winter and have it subsequently turn into ice during summer.

The hiking trails in Panza, a fraction of the municipality of Forio, are not less spectacular, as well as the pathway that leads from Schiappone to the panoramic terraces of the small agricultural village of Piano Liguori, in the municipality of Ischia. Last but not least, the hiking trail that leads from Serrara Fontana to Pizzi Bianchi near the Maronti bay and to the antique thermal springs of Cavascura. All are panoramic and perfect for lovers of photgraphy.

Excursions by boat on the island of Ischia

Participating in an excursion by boat on the island of Ischia, will be an unforgettable experience, while spending your vacation on this marvelous island. You will have the possibility to see the bays, natural inlets and coasts.

Let's presume that the journey starts in the port of Casamicciola. You will then shortly arrive in the adjacent Lacco Ameno. From here on, after going around the hill of Montevico and passing by the bay of San Montano and the promontory of Zaro, you will get to both, the San Francesco di Paola and the Chiaia beach. The latter, located right before entering the port of Forio.

This is the largest municipality of the island and rich of natural and landscaped marvels: the Colombaia, the Mortella Gardens, the historical center with the cupula of the San Gaetano Church, the crenels of the Torrione tower and the Soccorso church. Furthermore you will see the "Scogli degli Innamorati" (rocks of the lovers), the Cava dell'Isola beach and the Citara beach, with the famous Poseidon Gardens. You will pass by the three bays of Scannella, Pelara and Sorgeto.

It will take only a few minutes to reach Sant'Angelo. Before landing at this ancient fishermen's village, you need to navigate around the "Torre", a small hill on which you can pause for a coffee or just for a stroll between shops. Normally, the stop there lasts for about one hour, after which the journey will continue to explore the oriental south side of the island.

Having past this location, you will find the Maronti beach, almost 3 km in length.

After passing the beach there will be the two bays of San Pancrazio and Sgarrupata, which are only accessible by sea.

Before reachin the iconic fortress Castello Aragonese, you will navigate by the Cartaromana bay,with the famous Sant'Anna rocks and the Guevara tower. As you get closer to Alfonso of Aragon's stronghold, you will see the village of Ischia Ponte. From the "Borgo di Celsa" you will go around to the Mandra and Spiaggia dei Pescatori (Fishermen's beach). The appearing cupula of the San Pietro church, will advise you that behind the coastline lies the central Corso Vittoria Colonna, a natural foundation of economy, followed by Via Roma and Riva Destra, other two locations of animation and night life of the island.

After three hours, including the 60min stop in Sant'Angelo, the our around the island of Ischia by boat will end exactly where it had started (Casamicciola Terme). Time passes by quickly with the staff on board which is always kind and friendly, in line with the warm hospitality of this location.

Excursions to Capri from the island of Ischia

This vacation is the best occasion to organize an excursion by boat from the island of Ischia to Capri. The connections are active from the first days of April to the middle of October.

The trip takes about one hour and a half, by hydrolfoil. The best idea to visit the island, is to take one leaving from Ischia in the morning, in order to arrive early and have enough time to visit yhe island both by land and by sea.

Otherwise, if you like, you can book a sea tour from the island of Ischia to Capri. This includes: the navigation all around the Isola Azzurra, a break to visit and the return trip by boat. If you don't feel like spending so much, it will be better to choose the first option. As soon as you get to your destination, you will feel you must rent a boat to navigate next to the marvelous Faraglioni and to take a bath at the entrance of the famous Grotta Azzurra. The latter is not always accessible, it depending on the weather conditions and there might be a waiting time for at least one hour or more.

Once you have returned on land, you can take the Funicolare to visit the important locations, like the Piazzetta, the Augustus Gardens, Camerelle Street and Tragara street. Leaving from the center, you can go to see Anacapri and take the cable car up to Mount Solaro. If you then have still some time left, you could take a walk through the historical center and visit the Villa San Michele, before going back to the port of Marina Grande for your return.