Sant'Angelo Ischia

The island of Ischia is the largest and most western island in the gulf of Naples. It can be reached easily by ship or hydrofoil; both will run even more frequently during summer months, in order to enable tourists to travel comfortably. The whole island of Ischia is enchanting, given its rich nature, picturesque villages, historical evidence and comfortable beaches.
In addition, there is a pleasant climate during the most part of the year and there are many natural thermal water springs present, around which were built renowned thermal resorts for wellness and healthcare of the body.They were  considered a well known treasure already by the ancient Greeks.
In particular the village of Sant'Angelo, represents the favorite destination for who chooses this kind of vacation. That is why, precisely in this corner of the island, there are found beautiful, refined and modern thermal resorts, besides also natural and free accessable hot springs.

How to reach Sant'Angelo d'Ischia?

Nothing is easier. After you have disembarked and rented a car or scooter directly on the island, you start off from Ischia Porto and just follow the main road towards Casamicciola - Sant' Angelo. The small village is not accessable for private vehicles, so before entering, it is necessary to leave your car or scooter  in one of the three parkinglots and continue by using the electric carts right where the limited traffic area starts. At this point, all the beauty of the location reveals itself to the eyes of the tourist.

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia has initially developed as a fishing village, recognizable by the colourful houses, wich are built in a terrace like structure on a rocky promontory facing the sea.
As time went by, the island of Ischia was discovered and overrun by mass tourism and thus also Sant'Angelo started to open to tourists, building hotels with adjoining thermal resorts, restaurants and the like. Now it is a splendid location for every type of holiday; to enjoy the beach, thermal resorts and  health and well-being.

The village of Sant'Angelo d'Ischia is situated right below the municipality of Serrara Fontana and it seems simply a big rock attached to the island by a narrow stripe of dark sand, which shows evidence of the vulcanic origin of the island.

Despite its small size, Sant'Angelo has many attractions mainly because of its position. The center of all life in the village is the well known piazzetta, or central square, from where you have a beautiful view on the sea and the small port. For this reason visitors and locals choose it for their moments to relax, especially during sunset.

The narrow streets nearby are filled with souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants and  bars, where to do your shopping and spend a pleasant evening while savouring the mild sea breeze. Furthermore, in the summer season, numerous cultural events of varoius nature are organized, so there is really no time for boredom.

For this reason you should definitely not miss the celebration for the patron saint of Sant'Angelo, which takes place on the 29th and 30th of September. For this occasion the village comes alive with religous feasts end events and with a picturesque procession, accompanied by dozens of lanterns and torches. Obviously there will be  spectacular fireworks at the end of the evening.

The vast number and type of facilities are equally suitable for young and less younger  travelers. Sant'Angelo d'Ischia offers everything that you desire from a vacation: the sea, entertainment, modern facilities and most of all relaxation.

Like already mentioned, there are numerous thermal areas around the village. Among these, there are the Thermal Baths of Cavascura, left in their natural state and characterized by caves excavated over centuries, and cascades that gush from thermal hot water springs.
Not far away, we find another spring which feeds the Thermal Resort Aphrodite, whereas  going along the Maronti beach, you get to the Fumarole that made Sant'Angelo d'Ischia famous.

On the highest part of the rocky promontory there is the Torre di Sant'Angelo, a tower also called the aragonese castle. It represents a good occasion to learn about some  history of the village and about the island, while enjoying a beautiful panoramic view. Naturally also the sea offers lots of fun and recreation.

The Protected Marine Area  around the village Sant'Angelo has a vast biodiversity to discover, which is possible  thanks to snorkeling and scuba diving, always strictly under the guide of qualified instructors.

To get the most out of your experience, you have the possibility to participate on boat excursions that will take off from the small port of the village and also from other ports of the island of Ischia. Each will make a stop at Sant'Angelo, so you can admire its marvelous beauty.

Renting a small boat will give you the opportunity to explore hidden corners of paradise and  barely visited beaches where to spend your day; the Sorgeto bay should definitely not be missed on such a tour on the sea.

The local food and wine gastronomy should be especially mentioned. The typical and famous tastes of the Neapolitan and Mediterranean area can be found in dishes prepared skillfully by famous chefs. In fact, you must try the pasta prepared by hand, the mozzarella buffalo cheese, the local grown vegetables and the freshly caught fish; all united to let you enjoy the most refined tastes.