Ischia the gate of Agartha

There are many legends told on the island of Ischia, among them also the gate of Agartha and the many stories and tales about its realm. Inthis short expo è, we will try to give you all indications about how to visit the most fascinating and mysterious places of this marvelous volcanic island and help you find the most interesting sites.

Once you have arrived in these locations, we recomend you to rent a scooter to move about in the small streets and alleys of the island and to easily reach all extraordinay places. We would like to explain the characteristic stories of this area in order to help you find the most important locations to visit.

Ischia hollow earth and the realm of Agartha

There is a legend about the territory of this island, infact it is thought being hollow, with an empty center, inhabited by the Agarthians, a species, much more developed and advanced than humans. It is believed that this population consists of angels or extraterrestials and this has greatly intrigued the lovers of esoterism.

According to this tale, Mount Epomeo is supposed to be the entrance to this hollow earth, and bring energy and survival to the peolple of this world underground. These stories fascinate and make the locations of Ischia more interesting and mythical and you will realize, that riding a scooter will enable you to explore all these marvelous locations full of stories and legends.

A vacation on the island of Ischia is perfect to enjoy a crystal clear sea, beautiful views and to explore hidden locations, curious and full of legends and tales that in time have become actual popular beliefs. During Nazi, even Hitler, who was an esoterism fanatic, sent his soldiers to search for the cave entrance since he was very curious about this legend. However, even after numerous attempts they could not find any entrance.

Recent explanations about hollow earth

The phenemenon of the hollow earth of Ischia has raised a lot of curiosity and doubts among who has heard about it and it has been studied in detail during the last years, to understand and reveal the secrets of this marvelous island. The most recent studies have confirmed that earth is neither flat, nor hollow, so its obviously useless to keep searching for a possible access leding to the center of the earth.

Nevertheless, the power and fascination of the legend prevails over the scientific studies and Ischia continues to enjoy this fortunate aspect, which attracts many tourists and curious people every year. They come to find out about the real secrets of these places and to search for an explanation, hoping to find some evidence of reality in these tales.

The wizards cave

Another legend narrates about the Wizards Cave, located along the southeastern coast of the island, a cave that has been named in many ways during the years: Grotta di Terra, Tisichiello, Grotta Argneto, Grotta di Bordo, Grotta del Sole, The name "Wizards Cave" comes from a tale about fishermen from Ischia, who thanks to the wizard, found shelter in this cave during days of storm and could therefore save their catch from being lost or ruined. The wizard was described like a man with white beard and long flowing hair, sitting on the rocks of the cave, waiting to protect fishermen from storm and rain.

Furthermore, the legend has it that inside the cave sweet voices could be heard, like if beautiful and gentle nymphs were spending their time playing in this den in the rocks. The sight of the wizard was thereby not frightening, despite the storm the sailors had to deal with, but pleasant and characterized by an aura of magic and temporal suspension.

The play of light, crystal clear sea, and the magic that is experienced when entering this cave, make it a breathtaking location that attracts many curious people each year that want to find out more about this mysterious place

Vacation on the island of Ischia, why choose Ischia and why you will fall in love with it

As you can see, there is no lack of mysterious and enchanting places on this island. If you decide to spend your summer vacation on this territory, you definitely won't get bored since you will find something new and wonderful every day. Like already mentioned before, we encourage you to rent a scooter, in order to explore in the best way all the streets and alleys of Ischia and to be able to fully enjoy every breathtaking landscape or sight.

This island is also perfect of you want to relax on the beach and enjoy a clear, fresh and wonderful sea. You will live in a dream during your stay and you will never forget this enchanting location, full of myths, legends and sensational landscapes. From this island, you can also make excursions to the nearby islands and places thanks to a great number of ferry boats at your disposal. Ready to take you to the various surrounding locations. Our advice is to let yourself be swept away by the beauty of these places and to fall in love with the landscapes and sights you will encounter.