Sandwich Zingara Ischia

The island of Ischia, which has been ever since a marvelous island of our country, is chosen every year by thousands of tourists, thanks to its beauty and to all it has to offer to its visitors. In addition to the splendid beaches, the thermae, archeology, life on the island and festivities, the visitors come to try a typical speciality of this lovely island, the sandwich Zingara of Ischia. This sandwich has been changed only once since it was created. The only change made is that now the salad leaves are added at the end; originally the sandwich was very simple. Let's see how it was created, when and where.

In 1977, two friends decided to open a pub - sandwich bar, situated in the area alongside the sea in Ischia Ponte. Thanks to their passion and their inventiveness they found ingredients fit for any period of time. In fact, they found a miraculous recipe that would give their pub a singular and unmistakable identity. We all know that the ingredients make the difference in any recipe and so did the two friends.They found a unique equilibrium of the ingredients resulting in a very tasty but light sandwich.

How was the Zingara created?

Not far from their pub-sandwich bar, there was the legendary bakery Boccia that made excellent sandwiches "cafone" (peasant). Since now the two friends had found the perfect type of bread slices, they added mayonese, fior di latte cheese, tomatoes and raw ham. Now their sandwich was ready and is now famous not only on the island of Ischia but in all of Italy.This is the original recipe, to wich was added some lettuce further on. Once the perfect sandwich was created, it had to have a fitting name, and which name would be more fitting than the " Zingara" ( gipsy). An exotic, light and simple name, having the same characteristics as the sandwich.

Naturally the summer of 1977 was a success for the two young friends and the Zingara is selling well. Even if more than 40 years have gone by, the sandwich remains a trademark of the island and neither of the two has ever thought of patenting this delicacy. Like mentioned before th sandwich has undergone some change but the original recipe is kept jealously by all inhabitants of the island and by some pub owners that offer it to their clients. Who happens to be on the island of Ischia for work or for vacation, must absolutely try this sandwich. Currently there are two of the best pubs that prepare the Zingara: the Pub U Paravis and Porto 51.

Pub Porto 51

The pub Porto 51 is situated on the right side of the harbour in the municipality of Ischia and gets its name from the street it is on, namely the Via Porto 51, the famous " Rive Droite" of the island. The ideal place to taste some specialities in street food style for dinner, in the company of your friends. The Porto 51 has a warm and young atmosphere which blends in perfectly with the freshness of the location. The pub offers a street food menu including salads, sanwiches and excellent pastry to really affordable prices.

Among various sandwiches, there is also the queen of all, the Zingara, of wich the original recipe is jealosly kept. So if you want to taste the real sandwich Zingara, this is one of the most recommended places of the island. The use of only fresh and genuine high quality ingredients will make you fall in love with this special location. You can also enjoy perfect cocktails, prepared with love by the professional staff of the pub. We are sure, that the young surrounding and the rich menu prepared with fresh ingredients, will be appreciated by all and will make you feel at home.

The Pub U Paravis

>Situated in the municipality of Forio, it offers not only the best sandwich Zingara, but also cocktails and a breathtaking view. Looking out on the marvelous sea of the island, its an enchanted place where to spend your summer vacation. While being served by a friendly staff you will surely have a nice day and taste the original version the famous sandwich Zingara. All guests staying there have been fully satisfied of the quality but also of the affordable prices, considering it like a small piece of paradise.

The pub is found in Via Giovanni Mazzella 21 and is considered to have jealosly preserved the original recipe of the sandwich Zingara, but it also offers a rich menu of genuine and fresh ingredients and is the ideal place where to have a snack or also a drink at night. Furthermore you have the possibility to dive into the crystal clear sea from the beach below, in order to fully enjoy this piece of paradise, given to its visitors by the island of Ischia.

How to prepare the perfect Zingara

You start by spreading a thin layer of mayonese on both slices of bread, and continue by adding some lettuce, a salad tomato in thin slices, raw ham and buffalo or fior di latte cheese which should not contain too much liquid. Once put together the sandwich is placed in a pan or grill on low heat. It should be covered at the beginning to heat the interior ingrdients and turned from time to time in order to give it a nice golden brown colour. When ready it should be placed on a plate and cut in half, not forgetting to wrap it with a napkin to keep it warm. The sandwich can then be served immediately wishing a happy meal. Its so simple to prepare but has a special and light taste like you've never had before. At this point there remains only to wish you a happy meal and a good Zingara.