Scannella Beach

Forio and the island of Ischia

The island of Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, is characterized by a beautiful and interesting landscape that makes it into a frequently visited and well known locality for thermal tourism. Hills of lava stone, cliffs, partly sunken craters, rocky peaks, terraces and plains alternate with beaches and sandy promontories and are a perfect destination for balneological and recreational vacations. The Island of Ischia, called the "island of health" was frequented and celebrated by artists, poets and scholars since the olden days. The most part of the villages are situated near the coastline and it is surrounded by beach resorts and shorelines, in addition to thermal facilities. The last village that opened to tourism was Forio, situated between the Caruso promontory and the Imperatore promontory on the western side of the island. Chosen as adopted homeland by English speaking artists and writers, Forio is known for its thermal center, its uncontaminated beaches and the cristal clear sea. Among the most visited beaches there should be mentioned the Citara beach (dedicated to Apollo the Healer and Venus Cytheria already in Roman times), and Montevergine, from where you can enjoy a splendid view. However, there is also a less renowned location: the Scanella Beach.

Scannella Beach Island of Ischia

The Scannella beach is a small bay near Forio which has a magical beauty, turning it into a part of paradise. There is a hotel and restaurant with the same name that became a central dock for many boats and yachts. It's a wonderful site and at the same time contradictory, being a silent area with no cell phone reception. Consequently, to visit La Scannella is the ideal location for who wants to spend a relaxing holiday and take a break from social networks and comunication with the outer world; something to be noted and valued in our permanently connected lives. Furthermore, the beach is included in the natural marine reserve Regno di Nettuno - Zona B, extending from Forio all the way to the island of Procida. This is why all aquatic, submarine and nautical activity, in addition to the anchoring of boats, must be authorized by the institution to preserve the beauty and tranquility of the coast and its wildlife.

Club Scannella: how to get there

The Hotel Club Scannella is located at about 20 minutes foot walk from Forio (district Panza) overlooking the Scannella bay. You have to take the paved path next to the Hotel St.Leonard ( a hotel that dominates the area and lower bay) and then go down the stairs carved into stone containing 290 steep steps. For reasons of security and comfortability the luggage will be transported exclusively by a freight elevator. Alternatively you can reach the Hotel Scannella by boat, leaving fom the small tourist harbour of Sant'Angelo during the summer months; it takes about 15 minutes by boat taxi and is organized by the boatmen cooperative San Michele. Whereas to get to Forio there are two possibilities. First of all, there is a transfer service leaving from the main train station in Naples, Napoli Centrale, and from the airport Capodichino. Secondly, you can rent a vehicle (car or scooter). The Club Scannella is located about 20 minutes away from the center of Forio (6 km) and can be reached taking the road Via Provinciale, that leads alongside the western coast and through the district of Panza. At this point, you can park your vehicle and go down the 290 steps leading to the bay.

What to do at Scannella Ischia

The small restaurant hotel Scannella has been included in the list of silent localities by "La Repubblica dei Viaggi" for being a location of relaxation and tranquility which has become its calling card. It's a structure that offers maximum tranquility to the visitors, in a wonderful bay overlooking the cristal clear sea. You simply have to sit on a deck chair or sunbed, relax and listen to the backwash of the sea on the rocks and the calling of the seagulls, that prefer this bay to the more tourist frequented and nearby Sorgeto. In addition it's possible to take a swim in the sea or relax in one of the three suggestive pools of Club Scannella carved into rock. Once you have finished swimming and sunbathing, you can tatse an excellent meal in the restaurant, based on good wine and fresh fish of the day. Regarding other activities in the bay you can try, the Scannella bay is perfect for snorkeling. Infact this part of the coast is characcterized by rocky sea beds that will assure you sights and overview which are unique on this side of the island of Ischia. For underwater photography and scubadiving, we can suggest particulary the sea bed going from the bay to the nearby wall of the Ship Stone. This legendary and majestic rock gets its name from the Odyssey. Ulysses, after being shipwrecked in the land of the Phaeacians, obtained a ship from them in order to finally travel back to Ithaca after being away for 20 years. However, the god Poseidon was angry with him for blinding his son Polyphemus and so took revenge on the Phaeacians, turning their ship and its sailors into stone while on the way of return. This legend unites the fascination of the natural beauty with that of the myth. In addition to being a folkloristic destination, it's one of the best apt for immersions on the island of Ischia, a meeting place for all that are fond of diving. Last but not least, starting from the Scannella bay and the Club Scannellla it's possible to visit other wonderful locations of the Green Island. For example, there are other small bays found nearby like Sorgeto Bay, Monte di Panza and Pelara. In front of the coastline extending from Punta Imperatore and Citara beach, the rocks of Pietra Nera, Pietra Bianca, Pietra Rossa and Pietre del Cavallone emerge from the sea, walls of granitic rock, suggestive in different colours and fascinating. Moreover, in back of the restaurant are found the Caverns of Mavone, which are a site full of myths and esoteric tales. One of these is based on the so-called theory of the hollow earth, according to which these caves (like the ones located near the Eremo di San Nicola on top of the Epomeo mountain) are the entrance to the legendary world of Agartha, situated in the center of the earth and described by the writer Willis George Emerson in his works. Even if you omit the legends, the bay and its surroundings are deffinitely worth a visit.