The island of Ischia in winter!

Ischia is a marvelous island situated in the gulf of Naples. To visit in winter, allows you to enjoy all its beauty without the typical overcrowding of the summer season, and consequently tourists have the possibility to participate in interesting and pleasant activities. The best way to move around on the island and enjoy your stay, is to rent a car. In winter, the island of Ischia offers various opportunities; from relaxing wellness centers to trekking on the paths of Monte Epomeo, and from thermal baths to cultural visits.

The Sorgeto beach

The suggestive Sorgeto beach is definitely a special location. Its a small bay, characterized by warm water and thermal vapors that make it possible to dive into the sea even if you are visiting the island of Ischia during winter. To take a swim in the sea of Sorgeto is like going to a free wellness center on the outside. You can reach the beach by sea or by foot, taking steps that come down from the village of Panza. To let yourself go in the alternating cold air and warm, salty and sweet water is a marvelous experience, needless to mention the surroundings of the bay from wich you can admire a breathtaking sunset. Among the curiosities of this location there is a tradition that people from the island practice: they use the hot water basins to cook potatoes, eggs and clams. Taking a swim in the sea by night while looking at the stars and taking advantage of the mild winter climate of the island, is definitely an experience that should not be missed. It is very easy to reach Sorgeto bay by renting a car and using the nearby, practical parking lot, before taking about 200 steps down to get to the cove.

Trekking nad Mount Epomeo

The island of Ischia was named " the Green Island" because of its rich vegetation like vineyards, mediterranean vegetation and forests .If you are visiting the island in winter, trekking will be one of the most interesting activities to choose. Taking the various paths, you can get to singular and beautiful locations, enjoy intense colours and discover the traditions and history of the territory. You can reach interesting sites like the peak of Mount Epomeo or the lighthouse on Punta Imperatore, from where you can admire the gulf of Naples in all its beauty, or many other worthy sites to discover.

Mount Epomeo might seam a difficult location to reach but the sight at the peak is priceless. From up there, it's possible to describe perfectly the perimeter of the island with your index finger while uniting the various points.On a clear day, you can admire the Sorrentine peninsula, the island of Capri and even the islands of Ponza and Ventotene. The peak of Mount Epomeo can be reached by a steep, but very suggestive path, 3 km long, with a difference in altitude of 400 meters. In the past, this path was utilized by working animals like mules and donkeys and in summer, when there was no work, they were used to transport the tourists, a tradition kept for a long time. Today, this tradition can be relived again, thanks to the association called "Epomeo in Sella" which allows you to reach the mountain peak by horse.

The churches on the island of Ischia

Visiting the island of Ischia in winter, gives you the possibility to visit the churches. Being divided into six municipalities, the island is scattered with small churches, which are culturally very interesting. It's possible to elaborate various itineraries to visit the ones of interest, and maybe rent a car to get from one to the other in a more comfortable way. One of the churches you should absolutely visit is the church "Il Soccorso" in Forio. This church is not only beautiful but is also enriched by a profound meaning for all people from the island. Dedicated to the Virgin of the Snow, the sructure is situated on a promontory overlooking the sea and its bright white color makes it visible from far away. Among the interesting findings in the interior is the Crucifix, kept inside the chapel built in 1791. According to a legend, the object was found by some sailors that were trapped in a terrible thunderstorm..They decided to save this crucifix and took it back to what at the time was the Soccorso convent. When the thunderstorm was over, they wanted to retake the crucifix again, but every time they tried to leave with it, the portal disappeared and it was impossible to get out. At the end the sailors understood that it was meant to left there as protection for who ever would pass by. Still today the Soccorso church is a symbol of protection for the island, even though it was modified numerous times throughout the centuries. The interior is decorated with paintings of shipwrecks and marine life. The artworks are votive offerings for grace recieved in averted danger.

The spas on the island of Ischia

If you choose to visit the Island of Ischia in winter, you must let yourself be pampered in one of the many wellness centers and spas. If you are lucky and the weather is mild and sunny, you could even take a swim in one of the small bays with thermal water like the Sorgeto bay. Alternatively you can visit the Fumarole on the Maronti beach. The underground thermal water currents make it possible to take therapeutic baths, have a natural sauna followed by a dive in the sea and spend some time in relaxation at the nearby thermal center. All this is perfectly practicable even if you are visiting the island in winter.The hotels with wellness center are the best solution for a vacation while enjoying comfort and relaxation. At the thermal center of Hotel Manzi, there are varoius esthetic treatments, massages, use of thermal pools, sauna and Turkish bath, at disposal of the clients for an unforgettable vacation.

The island of Ischia at Christmas

Initially, the idea of spendig Christmas in a location by the sea might seem strange, but in winter, on the island of Ischia you are able to experience a joyful festivity with all the municipalities embellished with lights and christmas decorations that always fascinate the tourists. There exists a typical neapolitan passion for the Nativity scene. A lot of cultural associations in Forio continue this tradition from the religious, traditional and historical point of view, exposing creations that have an artisanal manufacture truly unique in the world. The representation of the Nativity scene is a magic and captivating event, with more than 200 actors engaged in the scenes and many stands of gastronomic products and local artifacts. Visiting the island of Ischia in winter, maybe at Christmas and New Years, can be an excellent chance to discover the numerous wonderful things the island has to offer, an unforgettable and delightful experience.