The Mortella Gardens

The Mortella Gardens are a wonderful location embraced by nature in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Situated in the village of Forio d'Ischia, it is a real treat for the soul, allowing visitors to have relaxing and peaceful walks. If you happen to pass nearby this natural mediterranean reserve, we suggest that you dedicate some time to discover this beautiful antique garden and all its particular plants. All visitors that come to the island of Ischia for the first time, will enjoy the beauty of the various sights and the landscape, moreover they will surely remain pleasantly impressed by the colours and the nature that characterizes this garden in Forio d'Ischia; one of the most known tourist centers on the island, a destination chosen by many visitors. Therefore, who decides to visit will use a map of the location and come to the gardens to have an experience dedicated to relaxation and nature.

How to get to the Gardens?

For tourists that are not familiar with the streets and paths of the island of Ischia, it might be difficult to reach the gardens in short time. The Mortella Gardens are situated in Via Francesco Calise Operaio, in Forio d'Ischia and are easily reached by car or scooter. Once you have the necessary information about how to get there, it's advisable to rent a car or a two wheeled vehicle in order to travel independently. The gardens are situated near the San Francesco beach in the locality of Zaro, so it's enough to have some landmarks to get there easily. In conclusion, renting a car or scooter will allow tourists to reach the gardens in a fast and comfortable way, ready to be fully immersed in the natural mediterranean beauty and to observe its different species of plants. A large parking space present externally is another good reason to go to this location independently. In any case it should be considered, that there is a bustop near the Gardens, for who decides to go by public transportation.

The history of the Gardens

Those who visit the Gardens, not only are impressed by its magnificence and beauty but also by its antique history. In 1956, Lord and Lady Walton decided to create a wonderful garden that would take its name after the Mortelle ( the Myrtle bushes growing in the area) The land bought by the consorts was very lush and vast, and has been taken care of in every detail by Lady Walton for 50 years. After her husband had passed away, she left the care of the garden to a foundation she owned, to which the garden still belongs today. This foundation takes care of the natural wonders and all vegetation present in the area and opens its doors to visitors that are interested also in cultural events that are carefully organized. Headmistress Dr. Vinciguerra, takes care of the garden since the year 2000, completing it, improving it and making it more beautiful year after year. According to some evaluations, this garden is one of the most beautiful private reservations in all of Europe, because it was born through an act of love by a wife, who wanted to create a relaxing and stimulating environment for her husband, a music composer. The gardens are created on different levels, each with a particular microclimate, from the subtropical to the most shadowy and humid one. Furthermore there is a building on a hill which is set up as a museum and there is a hall inside where events are organized that attract many interested guests. It is known that thiis garden hosts cultural and artistical events, and it is therefore a meeting place for all who like to increase their cultural knowledge.


In such a stimulating environment, visitors cannot refrain from participating to the musical events held at the Gardens. One of the most suggestive moments is the one of the Festival Orchestre Giovanili. This festival was an idea of Susan Walton, who decided to organize an event that reunited a group of young musical talents to form a masterclass. This idea was born because of the love for music she shared with her husband and so every year musicians aged between 7 and 25 years came to the Mortella Gardens to give concerts in collaboration with music schools and institutes. Another great success was the project of the Teatro Greco, an initiative born in 2006, in occasion of the proprietor's 80th birthday. All the young participants of the Orchestre Giovanili were united to perform in a dinamic and fascinating atmosphere. In this way, the passion for music, art and culture is kept alive still today and performed in a very stimulating environmental context.

Opening hours and prices

To visit the entire Mortella Gardens you should count on needing at least two hours. It is open to public from October to April, every Thursday from 14.30h on. Regarding rates, the entrance ticket is €12 for adults and €10 for 12 to 18 year olds. Children under 11 years pay €7 and for children under 6 years the entrance is for free.


We already mentioned the beauty of this garden, built on different levels, giving life to wonderful color effects and natural structures. The entire space is divided into the low garden and the upper garden on the hill, and in each area there are different kinds of vegetation. The lower garden is formed like the letter L and the most important points are defined by 4 fountains. In this garden you can find arboreal ferns, Madeiran geraniums and other rare plants. The upper garden on the hill instead, is known for the Sir William's Rock, a rock that the latter defined as his personal rock. Furthermore there are acquatic plants, the croccodile falls, the Thai room and the Aloe garden. In this garden, there are amazing architectural elements that perfectly integrate with the plants in the lower area. It is possible to reach the upper garden by a separate entrance or by taking the path nearby the hill.