The Nitrodi nymph park

The Nitrodi Nymph Park is situated in the municipality of Barano on the island of Ischia. The name derives from the Nitrodi spring that still feeds the thermal facilities today. The legend narrates, that the spring was created by the will of the Nitrodes Nymphs, guardians of the waters and all its beneficial and healing powers.

The Nitrodi Nymph Park is located in the southern part of the island, amidst the hills of the small village Buonopane overlooking the sea and with a spectacular view, from the terraced hillsides. The park is based on healthcare and wellness, offering a holistic therapy in order to make it possible for all to feel the benefits of the Nitrodi water on the skin as well as all the other healing properties.

The history of the Nitrodi Nymph Park goes back to ancient Rome, however it's recognition wasn't until the 1800's, when Giuseppe Garibaldi arrived at the park to cure himself with the water. Around the 1900's finally a sofisticated tourism marked by luxury and wellbeing started for people who could afford a vacation on the island of Ischia. In present time, the thermal water and park are easily accessible for everyone, offering wellness packages for all necessities and pockets.

The miraculous water from the spring was classified as "hypothermal mineral sulfate bicarbonate and alkaline terreous".This type of water is particularily indicated for drinking and bathing. About 12000 liters of water gush out every hour through faucets, fountains and showers which were made to keep the quality of the water unaltered and untreated.

Thanks to the high concentration of minerals, the effects of the Nitrodi water is visible immediately after treatment, with the skin appearing smooth, clean and polished. The bicarbonate present acts like a natural scrub, exfoliating the skin deeply and eliminating dead skin and impurities. Furthermore the beneficials of the Nitrodi spring concern also hair care, leaving it shiny, soft and clean like a natural hairbalm.

The waters of Nitrodi are also miraculous for skin issues like psoriasis but also pathologies of the digestive system, rheumatic problems, regulating diuresis and helping to eliminate excess water. Drinking the Nitrodi water regularly helps with acidity of the stomach and has an anti-inflamatory effect.

In addition to the classical baths, there are various health and wellness treatments available at the Nitrodi spring that do not only use the water but also the aromatic herbs that come from the nearby Oasis of the park. For the visitors there are at disposal: personalized and specific massages, esthetic treatments, relaxing techniques and inner balance, therapy for cellulitis and water retention, face and body treatments, bathing therapy for rheumatic and dermatological problems, holistic and ayurvedic therapy and finally marmatherapy, that favors the inner energetic balance using specific oriental techniques.

One of the most popular and amusing legends of the Nitrodi springs concerns women. It is said that all women are beautiful, but that the women of Barano were unrivalled thanks to this miraculous water. The water came to existence throughout a prophecy of a Sybilla, evoked by serious infections and continuous deaths in the Greek villages. The prophetess promised she would bring an end to the epidemic, but only after receiving offers at her dedicated altars. The inhabitants accepted her conditions and she indicated the waters of the island of Ischia as the ones of salvation. According to this famous legend, this is how the spring of Nitrodi was "ufficially" born

A visit to the Nitrodi Nymph Park during your vacation is certainly an obligatory stop in order to spend the day in wellbeing and relaxation. The spring is situated in the municipality of Barano end is easily to reach with a car or scooter rented directly on the island. The thermal park will appear very different from the others present, being simpler, less luxurious and with only showers and deck chairs at disposal. Primarily, it is meant for guests that have to undergo specific therapies, nevertheless there are many tourists that visit the site only to relax. Another aspect that distinguishes the Nitrodi Nymph Park unique in the world, is the water temperature (27°C to 29°C at the source), decisively lower than in the other thermal resorts.

Characteristical for the park are its surroundings, a vast area of green vegetation, rich in medicinal herbs which are also used to prepare the drinks served at the bar of the establishment. Guests can also taste beneficial dishes that favor the inner balance and give a sensation of peace and harmony. Among the special herbs there is rosemary, wich can be applied to the skin after a shower in form of natural essential oil, for a massage that will make you feel the immediate revitalizing and refreshing effect.

The Nitrodi Nymph Park is open from the 21st of March to the 30th of September and the entrance fees vary according to the type of ticket needed. The ticket at the entrance of the spring costs between €14 and €16 (€12 and €14 after 3 PM) depending on high or low season. Instead, if you buy the tickets at the entrance of the Oasis (which includes the exclusive park with shower) you will spend between € 30 and € 38 (€26 and €34 entrance in afternoon hours). For children between 3 and 12 years there is a price reduction that varies between €10 and €12 . In addition to these standard prices, it's possible to buy a wellness package including entrance, smoothing face mask, and wellness drink for a ticket price beteween €18 and €20 (€16 and €18 with entrance in the afternoon). Instead, who buys the Balneo wellness package will have the benefit of the entrance fee and a balneotherapic session of 20 minutes in a private tub. For who desires a season ticket, the prices range from €120 to €140 depending on the season ( "lower" season from March to May , "higher" season fom August to September).