The Poseidon Gardens

The island of Ischia is without any doubt, the most frequented island by Italian tourists, but not only: each year thousands of people come to the island of the region Campania from all over the world. You cannot do without mentioning one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on the Green Island: the Poseidon Thermal Gardens. Hereafter everything you need to know about this unique and special location, where it is worthwile to stay and forget all about your worries.

The history of the beneficial thermal springs on the island of Ischia

There are good reasons, why so many people come to the Island of Ischia already since hundreds of years, to visit the splendid thermal resorts. The Thermal Resort Poseidon and the thermal springs in this area have a history of 2500 years and more. There is historical proof of their benefits that goes back a very long time. This is why, during time more and more people could benefit from the use of the precious thermal water on the island of Ischia. The Citara Bay, where the Poseidon Gardens are located, not far from Forio, is one of the most renowned in this regard. This Thermal park was born in 1959, surrounded by a natural environment which is unique in the whole world.

Poseidon Gardens Ischia: useful information

We must underline that this thermal garden is the largest present on the island of Ischia: here we find healing thermal waters that feed a great number of pools surrounded by luscious green. There are three pools with sea water, where you can do sports and which are also suitable for children. Not to forget that there are various pools with therapeutical thermal water whose temperature varies between 28°C and 40°C. Furthermore, four Kneipp groups, with alternating thermal water between 40°C and 15°C and a natural sauna, a vapor bath which can be taken in a cave carved into the tuff-stone. A pleasant experience, just like the Japanese bath, which consists of a path through alternating thermal water temperatures, while walking with bare feet on pebbles, which favor a better blood circulation. In anyway, thanks to the profesional staff of this location, it is possible to personalize your experience in order to live moments of unforgettable relaxation.

Wellness center at Poseidon Gardens

Whoever chooses to have relaxing moments in the Thermal Park Poseidon Gardens, will definitely not do without the exceptional wellness center. A large space of 500 squaremeters, useful to whoever desires to undergo various treatments, in order to relax and forget all worries. A good possibility for wellness lovers, who have many options: relaxing massages, specific esthetic or physiotherapeutic treatments, all the way to a number of medical treatments performed by a qualified personnel. This is another fundamental aspect to consider, when mentioning the Poseidon Gardens on the Island of Ischia.

The Citara Beach

The park is also of extreme advantage to those who love the sea. In fact, here there is private and quiet beach: it's 500 m long an extends itself over a wide area, which hosts thousands of tourists every summer. The ticket price for the park includes also the entry to this beach.

The refreshment area in the Poseidon Gardens of Ischia

Needless to say, that the island of Ischia offers a long series of local and tasty dishes to its guests. In the Poseidon Park there are three different refreshment areas, great to satisfy any kind of needs and where you can find a staff ready to please anyone, from the oldest to the youngest. The restaurant "Il Fauno" is outstanding on the island. At the restaurant "Il Fauno", you have the possibility to eat in a luxuriant natural surrounding and taste dishes with ingredients of excellent quality, wich for the most part come from local farming. Further, there is the "Caffè a Mare" bar, directly by the sea, where you can taste delicious salads and smoothies of all kind. Last but not least, the "Grotta del Vino", where you can taste specialities that combine well with the wines that are produced on the island of Ischia and in Campania.

How to get to the Poseidon Gardens

To get to the marvelous Poseidon Gardens is very simple. Leaving from one of the ports of the island in order to reach the thermal park Poseidon, you could choose to rent a scooter, a car or also come by taxi. The thermal park has a private parkinglot, where you can leave your car or scooter without problems. You must simply follow the street signs in direction to Forio and then the ones indicating the park.

Poseidon Gardens opening hours and prices

The Poseidon Gardens are generally open daily from June 12th to October 31st. Opening hours are from 9.30h AM to 18.00h PM. There are different types of tickets available, dipending on the number and needs of the guests.

Whole day block: Adults €33.00; in the months of July and August € 35.00

Children from 4 to 11 years €16.50; in the months of July and August €17.50

Children from 0 to 3 years have free entrance

Half day block: (from 13.00 PM to evening closure)

Adults €28.00; in the months of July and August €30,00

Children from 4 to 1 years €14.00; in the months of July and August €15.00

Children from 0 to 3 years have free entrance