The Sorgeto bay

The Island of Ischia is definitely one of the most enchanting among the numerous islands present in Italy. On this island it's possible to find every kind of entertainment.

It's beauty and warm hospitality found through many accomodation facilities, makes the island into one of the most sought-after locations by tourists from all over the world. A brilliant sunlight and a cristal clear sea are the main attractions; however, during a vacation on the island of Ischia, it's also possible to combine culture, entertainment, relaxation and spa.

Particularly the latter are a true gem of the island.

Not everyone knows that the island of Ischia is one of the locations with the most thermal springs in Europe, and it's the perfect place for who wants to have a relaxing holiday.

The Sorgeto bay is a locality that absolutely should not be missed by who desires a tour of the natural thermal springs of the island.

This site is situated in the municipality of Forio, locality Panza. It's a small bay, formed like a half moon and surrounded by very suggestive vertical rocky walls. In addition to the waters of the Tyrrhennian Sea, the famous thermal springs of Sorgeto are found in this area, which are it's major attraction. This locality, whose magic was known already at the time of the Greek colonies, today has become one of the most appreciated locations of the island.

Like for some other thermal springs of the island of Ischia, the access to the Sorgeto springs is free and without charge. On the beach there is a small beach resort in addition to the natural thermal water basins. Nature dominates in this location; the thermal water rises from under the ground since the beginning of time and merges with the cool sea water of the island. The sulfuric vapors of the thermal water mix with the sea salt, to create a very characteristic odor.

An interesting natural phenomena that can be observed in this oasis of beauty, is the self-regulating water temperature. During high tides the water is warm, whereas during low tides it gets very hot. Many people test the water by immersing eggs or potatoes to be boiled, which demonstrates the temperture of the water (about 90°C).

Wooden walkways have been installed for the security of the tourists, to enable them to go from one side of the beach to the other without getting burned during low tide. In addition, this beach is not made of sand but of rocks that can get very slippery; another reason to use the walkways.

The hot water present in the natural basins formed by rocks and the conformation of the territory that keeps the bay protected from the wind, make it possible to enjoy this site even in colder weather. The Sorgeto beach is one of the preferred destinations of the tourists that wish to enjoy the island of Ischia in winter.

Since it is a very popular, free accessible tourist location, in some times of the day it can be very crowded. Exactly for the reasons mentioned above, the Sorgeto bay can be enjoyable during any season and period of time. In summer, the hours of major tranquility are the ones early in the morning and in the evening; a good reason to enjoy an enchanting dawn and suggestive sunset in this slice of heaven.

In addition to bathing in the thermal waters of Sorgeto, many make use of what nature has to offer; namely, the sediments of clay found on the volcanic rocks. These can be spread on face and body as a natural cleansing mud mask.

Here nature coexists with artificial parts; as a matter of fact, the bay has a small beach resort that has beach umbrellas, sunbeds, bar-restaurant and a small expository stand, where it's possible to buy samples of mud of the bay. Besides the mentioned comforts, there are also installed cabins for changing and toilets.

The thermal waters of Sorgeto are not only known for their picturesque and suggestive position, but also for their healing proprieties. A visit to this bay might not only be to relax, it can also cure some small ailment. The water of Sorgeto, like most of the ones found on the island of Ischia, is rich in bicarbonate and sulfur. Most of the proprieties concern pathologies like rheumatism and arthrosis but they are also good for respiratory issues and dermatological problems.

The archeological aspect of the Sorgeto bay is also very interesting. There was a habitation discovered at Punta Chiarito, whose origin testifies that the island of Ischia was once part of the Magna Grecia.

How to get to Sorgeto?

This bay is situated on the south-west coast of the island.

To be able to bathe in its waters it's neccessary to deal with going down over 200 steps; this path, even though being in a characteristic and enchanting environment, can be quite difficult for those who are not so trained.

There are various ways to get to the bay, mainly by bus, boat taxi, taxi or private car.

The bus is probably the least comfortable way to get there, not having a stop near the stairs leading to the springs. In fact, from the bus stop to the stairs it's about a 1 km walk. The boat taxi can get you to the bay by embarking from Sant'Angelo.

The best and most comfortable method is definitely by your own means, renting a car or scooter. These vehicles can arrive directly to the stairs at Punta Chiarito. Once you have reached the locality of Panza, the indications for Sorgeto are very clear and it's almost impossible to get lost. There is no need to be worried about where to leave your vehicle, there are two fee-charging parking lots right near the paved street and the beginning of the stairs.