The touristic ports on the island of Ischia

The ports on the island of Ischia that function as a connection to the mainland, are situated in the municipalities of Ischia, Forio and Casamicciola.

However, there must be also considered the touristic ports of Lacco Ameno and Sant'Angelo, in the municipality Serrara Fontana.

In each of these ports you can find numerous services.

Among these, there are boat and rubberboat rentals, by which you can make island tours in complete autonomy. In these occasions you can take advantage of the nautical support for snorkeling in the marvelous bays of the island. Let's not forget, that Ischia is immersed in the marine nature reserve Regno di Nettuno. The sea bed of this park is of great diversity, rich in Posidonia and coralligenous areas. The D zone of the AMP is dedicated to the preservation of acquatic mammals. Furthermore, it's worth visiting the various caves of the island, especially the famous "Grotta del Mago", the Magician's Cave.

For those who love scuba-diving, we bring to your attention, that in the western part of the island, you can find the diving center A.S.D. Diving Agency near the port of Forio. This center offers support for immersions in ARA, in order to have unique and strong experiences with the help of expert and professonal guides.

Who arrives with their boat or yacht, can choose to dock in Ischia, Forio, Casamicciola, Sant'Angelo (Serrara Fontana) and Lacco Ameno. The last two are the most quiet ports, since there is no boarding of ships or hydrofoils directed to or from Naples.

The port in Lacco Ameno is the one chosen mostly by VIPs. In fact in the past years there have been here with their yachts: Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, Beyonce, Rihanna and Johnny Depp, with his fantastic "Seventh Heaven". The symbol of this municipality is the famous "Fungo", a huge rock of green tuff that has broken off Mount Epomeo and has eventually gotten its form, due to the erosion of the sea.

For dreamers and romantics, the ideal port to stop in would be Sant'Angelo, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, in order to take suggestive walks in the pleasant local village under the shade of the enchanting Sant'Angelo tower. In the port you can also find the taxi boat service, by which it's posssible to visit some of the most beautiful bays of the island: Sorgeto, Fumarole, Maronti and Sgarrupata.

From Forio on the other hand, it's possible to move on by foot and visit the historical center, the Chiaia beach, the Soccorso Church, and the Torrione tower. Furthermore, in this municipality, which lies on the west side of the island, you can admire fantastic sunsets and if you are lucky, you can see the famous and unique "Raggio Verde", an emerald green beam, observable at sunset during particular light refraction and atmospherical conditions.

And as always, any port you choose to stop in, don't forget that you can always rent a scooter with us, to discover all the hidden places on the island of Ischia.