Thermal baths of Cavascura

Situated on the southern slope of the island of Ischia, the Natural Thermal Baths of Cavascura claim a millenial tradition amongst the best hot springs of our beautiful country.

Known since the Greek colonization of the island, the thermal baths achieved fame and splendor already in the Roman times as the beneficial properties of mud and water became well known and appreciated by both aristrocracy and people.

The baths are situated about 300 meters from the beautiful Maronti beach: to reach them by foot is quite a challenge, a reason for complaints of many visitors, some of which even gave up the idea because of the difficult upward path. As a matter of fact, the path is long and tortuous, and especially suffocating under the hot, beating sun of the Ischitan summer, so, the decision to rent a car is definitely better, and it will get you there in total comfort and tranquility. If you happen to be in the area and have decided to take the ship from Naples to come here, the option of renting a car will be of great advantage for a general visit of the splendid island of Ischia; a quite common and practical activity during summer vacation.

The thermal waters of Cavascura are incredibly beneficial and have unique properties; they are, infact, very effective in treating chronic rheumatic pathologies like arthritis, arthrosis, gout and rheumatism but also in treatments for dermatitis, eczemes and various diseases of the epidermal system. Many guests have noticed that their rheumatic pathologies, for which they were taking pharmaceutical remedies, got significantly better for quite a few months after treatment at Cavascura, which led to a reduction of medicine intake and therefore to a general wellbeing on a psychophysical level. Furthermore the thermal waters help reduce inflammation of the urogenital tract and are great in treating digestive problems. They were even related to treatment of female infertility caused by either infection, disease or innate reasons. Additionally, the thermal waters of Cavascura are used in treatment of the otolaryngological system like allergies, bronchitis, otitis, vascular diseases, including blemishes like cellulitis and hydrical ritention, rehabilitation after fractures and distortions and in the general orthopedic therapy, accellerating the post traumatic healing process, also after orthopedic surgery of various nature.

Already the Greeks had noticed the beneficial properties of these miraculous waters and the Romans, farsighted as always, created and founded these antique thermal baths more than 2000 years ago, turning them into a real heritage for the whole island of Ischia, to which already in those times people came from all over Europe, then being part of the Roman empire, to heal their wounds and pains of various nature. Today the site of the thermal baths remains mostly unchanged; the Roman walls resisted time and entering the baths to utilize these healthy thermal waters rich in beneficial properties, is almost like traveling back in time in a totally striking atmosphere. The baths are indeed caved into stone, the mere rock of a valley in which waterfalls, caves and boiling springs topographically present themselves the same way in which our ancestors saw them thousands of years ago. The hydrographic basin in which the antique baths are situated, is therefore completely natural, where as only the thermal compartments have been excavated by the Romans to grant more people access to the beneficial thermal waters that naturally gush out in the caves. The Terme di Cavascura are an incredible experience, thanks to the rustic atmosphere, to the structures unchanged in time, and to a view which is truly incomparable. The baths are situated on a hill facing the sea, surrounded by a luxuriant and typical mediterranean vegetation, between bushes and shrubs, oaks and chestnuts, from where you have a really breathtaking view. The area of antique thermal baths is not very broad, which creates an intimate and personal surrounding; there is a part where you can sit and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with beach umbrellas for protection from the sun. In the spectacular and natural antique themal baths on the island of Ischia there is a vast choice of treatments available. The thermal hydro massage provides you with a relaxing and invigorating treatment, loosens your muscles and gives you moments of pure relaxation. The inhalation of natural fumes coming from the hydrothermal basin, done in the caves, give you a longlasting, deep treatment for pathologies of the respiratory system like rhinitis, sinusitis, laringitis, bronchitis and otitis. The thermal mud is the most wanted and renowned treatment by the guests of the Thermal Baths of Cavascura. Warm mud is applied to the whole body and left to act for about 10 minutes, then left to dry in the sunlight and subsequently removed by immersion in a tub or showered off with thermal water, to be then followed by a rigenerating rest which triggers the necessary prespiration. The mud application can also be limited to the face or other singular body parts, where the cold mud mask is brushed on, and once dry, followed by a thermal shower or natural sauna in the caves. Furthermore, hands and feet can be immersed into the warm mud and left to soak until cooled off. Other treatments include therapeutic massage, done by professional staff, and thermal irrigation, meant to cure infections or to regulate and normalize ovulation and bring benefit to the general health of the female genital system, improving also fertility. The most outstanding treatment however, remains the bath in thermal water, enjoying beeing immersed in the ancient Roman natural tubs in the caves naturally formed by the water itself; after a bath in warm thermal water, which should not take longer than about 20 minutes to protect blood pressure, you will relax with a natural sauna and ultimately enjoy an energizing shower under one of the springs

Once you have tried these incredible experiences it will be sufficient to take your rented car and drive back to Maronti beach in the locality of Sant' Angelo, and so end the day appreciating a breathtaking sunset.