Timetable of ships and hydrofoils for Ischia

The island of Ischia, located in the Gulf of Naples, is a beautiful gem, with its enchanting beaches, visited and appreciated in the whole world for its landscapes, as for the thermal springs and natural pools in the open air. You can stay for a weekend or for a longer period of time to relax. The island is reached by sea thanks to the numerous daily connections, which are handled by four major navigation companies: Caremar, Medmar, Snav and Alilauro. During the summer season, these connections are more frequent, in order to meet the needs of the increment in tourism.


The Caremar (Campania Regionale Marittima) operates the sea routes in the Gulf of Naples, connecting daily 7 different main ports: Naples, Ischia, Casamicciola, Capri, Pozzuoli, Procida and Sorrento. Its fleet consists in 4 motor ships, 1 hydrofoil, 2 fast ferry boats and 1 fast boat. The connection between Naples and Ischia is guaranteed by numerous departures of ferry boats and hydrofoils. The ferry boat can load also cars and motorbikes and runs the 18 marine miles that separate it from the port of Ischia, or the 20 marine miles from the port of Casamicciola, in 1hour and 30 min. On the mainland, the port to board in is always Calata Porta di Massa. The hydrofoil on the other hand, is to be boarded in the port Molo Beverello, it's faster and reaches the island in 1 hour. It is only meant for passengers and cannot board any vehicles.

Timetable of ferries and hydrofoil to Ischia

The departure times can vary, so it is adviseable to check them out on the following website: to be sure.

Information and helpful telephone numbers

At each port, in Naples and on the island of Ischia, there is a Caremar ticket office for information and for buying your tickets. It's also possible to buy them on line, which will include a small increment of the ticket price. Furthermore you can call the following dedicated number: 081 18966690 daily from 9.00h to 19.00h.


This company is active since its foundation in 1944 and operates the fast connections between Naples and the islands in the Gulf. Its fleet consists of 6 catamarans and 3 monohulls, all modern ships with large capacity and essential services, but very fast, which will reach the island of Ischia in a short ride of about 50 min.

Timetable Alilauro

For departure times, availability and information check out the following website:

Useful information

Boarding for the island of Ischia will be at the port Molo Beverello where you also find the ticket counter. (For information, call the number 081 4972252). The arrival on the island can be in the ports of Ischia Porto or Forio.

It's possible to book or buy tickets at a call center with the number 081 4972238, active from Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 18.00h, and on Saturday from 9.00h to 13.00h. Otherwise also on line, by simply filling out the form with the requested data, indicating if you want to board with an animal or bicycle, in order to have an exact price calculation. On the island of Ischia you can find two ticket offices: the ticket counter Alilauro Forio d'Ischia and the ticket counter Ischia Porto. For any type of information the Customer Service is always active, with the number +39 081 4972206, or the number Whatsapp 335 127 8104 and you can also write to the e-mail adress


This company is leader in commercial and passenger transport, with various daily connections from Naples towards Ischia, Procida and Pozzuoli. It has a fleet of 9 Motorships. All ships have sanitary services, bar, free Wifi and all services for passengers with reduced mobility. Medmar has 5 ticket counters, each in the ports of Pozzuoli, Naples, Ischia Porto, Procida and Casamicciola (Ischia).

Timetable for Medmar ships

The official timetable for Medmar ships is available on the website

Information and helpful numbers

Tickets can be booked on line until 6 hours before departure, with standard or resident prices. It is however necessary to go to the ticket counter to check-in and to get your documents veryfied. While booking, it's necessary to declare an eventual boarding of a vehicle and its type. Alle who have booked on line or by telephone, must be at the port to board at least 60 min before departure. Being late can preclude boarding as a whole. There is also a number for information and booking: 081 3334411, active from Monday to Sunday. Medmar also accepts pets on board, dogs with collar and muzzle and cats in their regular pet carrier. The pets must be provided with a ticket and are confined to the outer decks, without permission to enter the internal lounges or comunity areas.


The navigation company Snav (Società Navigazione Alta Velocità) connects Naples with Ischia and Casamicciola thanks to High Speed Crafts of the last generation. They are modern, fast and secure, have a bar on board and a passenger area equipped with comfortable armchairs to ensure a pleaseant ride.

Timetable for hydrofoils Snav

The departure times and prices of the hydrofoils Snav from Molo Beverello towards Ischia and back can be viewed on the following website.

Information and helpful numbers

The departues with hydrofoils Snav leave from Molo Beverello and reach the port of Casamicciola in only 45min of navigation. It's possible to book the tickets on line, in order to save time and avoid waiting in line at ticket counters, or you can download the Snavapp, by which you can book tickets for all routes and view immediately the updated departure times with a smple click. The number 081 4285555, for information and support, is active every day from 9.00h to 19.00h. For residents and commuting workers, Snav has created the Resident Card and Buisness Card with convenient and promotional prices. There are also forseen monthly and yearly subscriptions, for those that use these routes frequently, like workers and residents.