Where to eat rabbit prepared in the traditional way on the island of Ischia?

The Italian culinary tradition is rich in typical dishes that delight tourists and locals every year. The ancient recipes are passed on from generation to generation, like a sort of ritual to keep the quality of the location and like a testament of folkloristic knowledge, that comprehends the territory and its centuries old traditions. The island of Ischia also has some local recipes that are served at home on Sundays, or at restaurants in the villages so that they can also be tasted by the many tourists that crowd the streets. For sure, one of the most delicious, well known dishes on the island of Ischia is the traditional rabbit dish Ischia style, prepared with genuine and high quality ingredients from local cultivations. I will try to talk a bit about the traditional rabbit dish and what it represents, how it's prepared and where you can taste it, throughout a culinary tour all to be discovered.

The traditional rabbit dish Ischia style: the recipe

The original and traditional rabbit dish is prepared in many restaurants of the island of Ischia and has few ingredients: obviously the rabbit, which some restaurants are able to get from the local territory, grape or vine tomatoes which are used in many other traditional dishes, garlic, olive oil, pepper and basil. Every restaurant has a different version of the recipe, but never much different from the original one. But now let's answer the main question: in which restaurants can you try the best traditional Ischia style prepared rabbit?

The traditional rabbit dish Ischia style: restaurants

Even though the island of Ischia is very fond of the sea, some of the original and famous recipes of the territory, among wich definitely is the traditional rabbit dish, are tied to the interior area of the island. The local restaurants care very much about a good result when preparing this delicious dish. This depends mostly on the cooking time, selected ingredients and the use of a rabbit that was bred in a deep and wide hole called "Fossa" and typical for the area. The term "in fossa" comes from the way of natural breeding and nutrition; in fact, the rabbits bred "in fossa" are fed with fava bean straw and stems, fresh grass, beans and rests from the pruning of fruit trees. This kind of nutrition will make the rabbit meat very tender after cooking. Now I am going to tell you about three restaurants , that in my opinion are able to combine perfectly the tradition with the quality of all ingredients.

Restaurant La Capannina

This resaturant is situated on the eastern side of the island, in an ancient farmers village on the hill of Campagnano, in Via Nuova Campagnano and is well known by local people. The Capannina is in a beautiful location. It is a resaurant-hotel like structure and once you are on the above mentioned hill, you can enjoy a splendid view on the Castello Aragonese and the nearby bay. The restaurant doesn't only offer an admirable view, but also a rich menu including the typical dishes of the island's tradition, obviously also the famous rabbit Ischia style and the pasta topped with its sauce. The combination of these two dishes is perfect for a delicious dinner. The chef of the structure will prepare the dish in a unique and tender way, with rabbit exclusively bred "in fossa". For a dinner with four people, it is suggested to order one whole rabbit.

Trattoria il Focolare

For a date with a traditional rabbit dish Ischia style, you must visit the restaurant Trattoria il Focolare, situated on Via Cretaio in Barano D'Ischia. It's a location imersed in one of the vast green areas of the island. The Trattoria offers a rich menu of traditional dishes and local wines. You will be enchanted not only by the delicious tastes, but also by the surroundings and kindness of the staff. The restaurant is family run, and therefore you feel very much at home. Being 300 meters above sea level, the view is very beautiful and in summer you can enjoy a pleasant cool breeze.

The starters are very rich and for first course we can list classical pasta with rabbit broth sauce or ravioli with escarole and mulled wine.For the main course there are varoius types of meat, among which Angus steaks cooked on stone and inevitably the rabbit prepared Ischia style, with delicious grape tomatoes and very tender; the star of culinary tradition.

Restaurant Terra e Sapori

The restaurant Terra e Sapori is situated on Via Cava Campo in the village of Forio. There clients will find a welcoming and very characteristic location and a various choice on the menu, including traditional, and some modified modern dishes. Obviously there is also the rabbit Ischia style, accurately prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients. A rustic surrounding with areas to relax and a beautiful view are the main characteristics of a location that combines hospitality with good tastes.

How to get to the restaurants

The territory of the island of Ischia varies a lot, sometimes flat,where it's easy to move around and sometimes hilly areas where it's harder to move around without transportation. The mentioned resaturants are located a few hundred meters above sea level and have the advantage of a breathtaking view.

It's advisable to rent a car or scooter to get there, considering the absence of public transportation. The costs in the area are affordable and it's really worth it to reach beautiful locations and savour the true traditional dishes. Furthermore, renting a vehicle can be very useful to visit the most beautiful areas of the Island of Ischia, a territory rich in history and culture, as well as the splendid coasts of the Thyrrenian sea. In conclusion, the island of Ischia is a place to experience and, obviously to savour