The best wines from Ischia

Among the the Italian islands, Ischia is one of the most famous ones. It belongs to the Flegrean archipelago and is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Naples, next to the islands of Vivara and Procida. This island is not only for night life and relaxation during your vacation, but also distinct in making typical, top quality products, among which are its excellent wines.

Ischia presents on its territory at least 4 varieties of monocultivar local grapes, which make it possible to produce refined wines sought after in all of Italy and abroad. These are:





The above mentioned grapes differentiate one from another in the color of the berry. Infact, Biancolella and Forastera are white grape, the varieties Guarnaccia and Piedirosso, also known as Pier' e Palummo, are red grape. The mild climate, good location and the characteristics of the territory, make the island of Ischia the perfect place where to grow and produce excellent Italian wines, which are famous all over the world.

Wines from Ischia and their production cellars

The best wines from Ischia are all produced following the typical traditions of the island. All grapes are registered as DOC, Denomination of Controlled Origin, which guarantees for quality throughout the entire production line, all the way to the consumer.>

The most renowned are:

"Frassitelli" - Casa D'Ambra

"Vigna del Lume" - Wine cellar Mazzella

"La vigna dei mille anni" - Casa D'Ambra

"Rosamonti" - Wine cellar Tommasone

"VIgne di Janno Piro" - Wine cellar Pietratorcia

"Kalimera" - Wine cellar Cenatiempo

"Crastula" - Wine cellar Crateca

Each of these fine wines have a typical denomination which defines them, based on the percentage of the grape variety used during wine-making. Below the classification:

° Ischia Rosso consisting of 45-50% Guarnaccia and 40-50% Piedirosso variety

° Ischia Bianco consisiting of 45-70% Forastera and 30-55% Biancolella variety

It should be noted, that the most common grape, Biancolella, is one of the typical local white grape varieties and is used basically to produce the major part of the white wine. It's believed, that this cultivar has its origin in France, more precisely in Corsica, where today it's still called Petit Blanche. There is however a different contrasting opinion, which states that it was the indigenous population of the island that has brought this grape variety to the French territory.

The wine production cellars

Each typical DOC wine has its own wine cellar of production, from which it often gets its name. The most renowned of the island are:

Casa D'Ambra

A winery, family-led, that is born in 1888 in Forio. One of its best products is the Biancolella DOC, of which it has 6 ha spread on the territory. For 130 years, it has produced and distributed its own wine, becoming thus synonym of certified quality.>

Cantine Mazzella

The name of this winery comes from its only founder Antonio Mazzella. Bottlers since 1940 with home in Ischia, they give this name to the wine which is known all over Italy and abroad.

Cantine Tommasone

An antique winery, led by the family Tommasone for four generations in Lacco Ameno. Their origins can be traced to 1700, boasting experience and production for centuries.

Cantine Cenatiempo

Carved into the Kalimera hill, it is one of the most antique wineries on the territory. Since 1600, the Cenatiempo wine cellar offers the best wines and takes care of the proper grapes from the harvest to the final bottling.

Cantine Crateca

The particularity of this winery is the origin of the name. As a matter of fact, the cultivar of this territory has its roots in an old, inactive volcanic crater, consequently the name "Crateca".

All wine cellars offer good wine and free guided visits for who is interested and would like to observe how a high quality product is made. In fact, it's possible to participate in a guided tour inside the winery, with a tasting that captivates and pleases all palates, introducing the best grape from Ischia to everyone.

Where can you drink a glass of wine from Ischia in complete relaxation?

The wineries are not the only place where you can taste the typical high quality wines. The bar U'Paravis, with drinks in the open air while being immersed in total relaxation, gives the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine in good company. A unique experience on the seaside between Citara and Forio. U' Paravis is definitely one of the best bars where you can experience the tradition of the island. You can choose from an extensive list of local and non- local wines, giving guests the possibility to taste real high quality products.


Whoever wants to have a unique vacation and dedicate it to good wine, the island of Ischia is definitely the right place. Presenting at least four local grape varieties and the same number of typical DOC wines, its among the most desired destinations of the gastronomical tourism. The island of Ischia is one of the most popular and famous locations in Italy and also on an international basis, given that its typical production is almost known all over the world. Our excellence in wine production is envied by the most part of the big foreign wine producers, that continuously try to copy it. All local grape varieties in fact, are registered and posess all the certifications in order to be considered a speciality uniquely made in Italy.